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All across the Pelion peninsula you will find a wonderful selection of beautiful traditional villages, located either along the stunning coastline, or hidden away in the majestic Pelion mountains.
The village of Portaria, is one of the most beautiful and famous villages in the Pelion peninsula, and it is one of the villages that every visitor to Pelion must visit.

It is a village that offers all the modern comforts, in complete harmony with the traditional ambience and the natural beauty. The short distance from the ski center and a choice of beautiful beaches, as well as the cool climate in the summer, expands the options and choices for holidays all year round.

With the impressive traditional mountains, cobble-stone paths, spring waters, and the inspiring scenery and landscape, Portaria is a village that provides all of the natural Pelion elements in one beautiful place. You can enjoy some inspiring views towards the city of Volos and the Pagasitic Gulf.
Located close to the ski centre of Agriolefkes on Mount Pelion, Portaria is the ideal location from which one can truly explore and appreciate the natural beauty of this simple stunning part of Greece.

It is here in Portaria that you will find the popular "Lagini Rock Cafe" Bar. Located very close to the main square, Lagini welcomes all visitors to Portaria, at a place that is perfectly bonded with music. Rock & Blues memories so that the older can remember, and the younger can learn ! The Lagini Rock Cafe offers you some truly special times, when you come and join us for a coffee or drink at our traditional and highly unique cafe bar. The specialties honey brandy, sangria, and divine apple pie, are a hit and are asked for persistently !
Portaria Pelion Greece Lagini Rock Cafe Bar Portaria Pilio Lagini Furnished with a stunning collection of art work, antiquities and other unique items, you will not find another cafe bar anywhere else with such an original and comfortable setting. Lagini Rock Cafe is only Rock n’ Roll.

Open throughout the year, "Lagini Rock Cafe" brings back the vinyl and offers you a wonderful setting in which to enjoy some wonderful 60s, 70s, rock and soul music, as played by Anestis. With his wonderful collection of vinyl records and music knowlodge, Anestis will always find the right tunes to play, creating an incredible and relaxed atmosphere.

Whether you are planning on staying in Portaria, or are simply passing through as you travel around Pelion, we would love for you to stop by, and join us for a drink, either outside on the terrace, or inside during the cold winter months.

Our cafe bar is a great place to meet new people, and to share your Pelion experiences, and we sincerely look forward to offering you a warm and friendly welcome when you stop by. Portaria has its own place ! Lagini Rock Cafe ! The music has its place !

Portaria Pelion Greece Lagini Rock Cafe Bar Portaria Pilio Lagini

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Portaria Pelion Greece Lagini Rock Cafe Bar Portaria Pilio Lagini
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